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If you are either living in Norway or planning to move to this beautiful country, learning Norwegian is one of the most important things you should focus on. Learning through traditional Norwegian language schools is costly and time-consuming. Norwegian Academy is offering practical, flexible and effective online Norwegian courses. You can learn Norwegian from wherever you are and whenever you want.

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Different ways to say “thank you” in Norwegian

Some people are surprised at the fact that Norwegians do not use as many polite phrases as people do in other languages. Norwegians don’t even use a direct equivalent of the English “please”. However, when it comes to giving thanks in different contexts, the Norwegian language has a lot to offer! We will take a

Learn how to say “Hi!” and introduce yourself in Norwegian

If you want to start learning Norwegian, to greet people and introduce yourself is a must. Learn how to make your first steps in Norwegian in this post! How to say “Hi!” There are different ways to greet people in Norwegian. Here are the most common ones: Hei! – Hi! Hallo! – Hello! Heisann! –

10 Norwegian phrasal verbs you need to know!

In English, a phrasal verb is a verb that is followed by a preposition (or an adverb), which takes a completely different meaning from before. In Norwegian, we call these verbs “partikkelverb”. Here are 10 phrasal verbs you need to know when you learn Norwegian: 1. Se etter – to look for Jeg ser etter

Is it “noe” or “noen”?

“Noen” and “noe” sound very similar in Norwegian, but we actually use them quite differently. Someone and something “Noe” means “something”: Vi må si noe! – Vi must say something! And we use “ikke noe” to say “no”: Vi har ikke noe sukker. – We have no sugar. “Noen” mans “someone”: Det er noen i huset. – There

Is it liten, lita, lite or små?

Is it liten, lita, lite or små?

When you learn Norwegian, it one of those words that causes most pain! 😀 This adjective, which means “little”, “small”, breaks too many rules and confuses learners the most! When to use liten, lita, lite? “Liten” (small) changes its form depending if we use nouns in masculine/”male” (en gutt), feminine/”female” (ei jente) or neuter (et

Speak Norwegian better

8 tips on how to speak Norwegian better

You have been learning Norwegian for some time now and you can read quite freely, you know the grammar rules and learning new words is not a problem. But when it comes to speaking, words just don’t seem to flow.  Does that sound familiar to you? If yes, here are some tips on how you

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