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We offer high quality, online Norwegian courses for an affordable price. Either you want to learn Norwegian from the beginning, or want to focus on improving your vocabulary and pronunciation, we have a course for you. Learning Norwegian has never been easier.

Featured Norwegian Courses

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Norwegian A1 course

The complete course for beginners. Learn the basics of the Norwegian language, start speaking on most common topics, master the grammar, and build your vocabulary.

Norwegian A2 course
Norwegian A2 course

Take your Norwegian skills to the next level by joining our A2 course. This course is perfect for you who have finished the A1 course.

Norwegian pronunciation course

If you already speak Norwegian or have taken a Norwegian course at minimum A1 level and want to improve your pronunciation, this course is for you.

Three reasons to join Norwegian Academy

Flexible learning

Our online Norwegian courses give you the flexibility of learning whenever you want, from whereever you are.

Fast progression

Our courses are designed to give you everything you need to learn Norwegian fast.

Affordable fee

We keep our prices as low as possible. Get all of our courses for a low monthly fee.

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We have 4 online courses that cover everything you need to be fluent in Norwegian.