10 Norwegian Christmas songs to listen in December


The whole of December is building up towards the most important holiday of the year for many people. Shops and supermarkets try to add Christmas atmosphere by putting on decorations and playing Christmas music. You also probably have a Christmas playlist.

As it happens, most Christmas songs we hear are in English, even here in Norway. Today we would like to challenge you to spice up your playlist with some Norwegian songs. We have created a list of 10 Norwegian Christmas songs, both traditional and modern ones, to get you started.

You will hear different dialects, so it could be helpful to search for lyrics if you want to understand the songs. The list has no particular order. 🙂

1. Maria Mena – “Jula hjemme”

2. “Deilig er jorden”

(performed by Tommy Körberg and Oslo Gospel Choir)

3. “Glade jul”

4. No. 4 – “God jul igjen”

5. Freddy Kalas – “Hey ho”

We made a Christmas lesson based on this song. Check it out here.

6. “En stjerne skinner i natt”

(performed by Oslo Gospel Choir)

7. Hans Rotmo – “Vårres jul”

8. “Nordnorsk julesamle”

(performed by Oslo Gospel Choir)

9. “På låven sitter nissen”

10. Radioresepsjonen and Kork – “God jul”

And a bonus, a satirical Christmas song from “Ylvis”. You should really listen to the lyrics or translate them before you share this one with someone. 😉

Ylvis – “Da vet du at det er jul”

Check out our Christmas lesson if you’d like to brush up your Norwegian Christmas vocabulary. And feel free to share your favourite Norwegian Christmas songs in the comments below.

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