How to swear like a Norwegian? Learn the most used swear words in Norwegian.

Learn Norwegian curse words, norkse banneord

You can not completely learn Norwegian if you do not know how to swear like Norwegians. Most of the Norwegian language schools are not going to teach you this stuff. We want you to understand the authentic everyday language and like it or not; swearing is a part of it. The most affordable way of learning Norwegian

Here is the list of 5 most used swear words in Norwegian.

1- Faen

Faen is the most used curse word in Norwegian. If you want to learn Norwegian, you have to learn this word. Faen is derived from the word “Fanden” which means Devil or The Devil.
You can use Faen in many different ways and combinations. It is mostly used to express self-frustration and disappointment over a situation. However, you can use Faen perfectly to insult others by combining it with other Norwegian words.

Pronunciation: The word Faen has two syllables: Faa – aan

English equivalent to Faen:  The word literally means The Devil, but it’s actually equivalent to the English words Fuck and Damn.


Faen! Jeg rakk ikke T-banen.
Fuck! I didn’t catch the metro.

Different combinations and uses of Faen:

  • Fy Faen: Put Fy before Faen, and it becomes much stronger.
  • Jeg gir faen i det.   I don’t give a fuck.
  • Faen ta deg.   The Devil take you. = Fuck you!
  • Faen i helvete.   The Devil in the hell. = Fucking hell

2- Helvete

Helvete means Hell and that is precisely how it is used in Norwegian.

Pronunciation: Hell – Vet-eh


  • Hva i helvete?     What the hell?
  • Dra til helvete.    Go to hell.

3- Dritt

Dritt means shit, as simple as that.


  • Det er bare dritt.   This is just shit.
  • Han er en drittsekk.   He is a shitbag.

4- Pokker

Although not as common as Faen, Pokker has almost the similar meaning and translates into Hell, Damn, Fuck in English.

Pronunciation: Pok-ehr


  • Hva pokker gjør du her?   What the hell are you doing here?
  • Jeg er en pokkers god lærer.   I am a damn good teacher.
  • Hva pokker!   What the fuck!

5- Jævlig

Jævlig means Devilish. The English equivalent to Jævlig is Horrible, Damn or Fucking. Jævlig can be used to describe both good or bad things depending on the context.

Pronunciation: Ya-ve-lee


  • Du er jævlig flink.   You are fucking good.
  • Dette smaker jævlig bra.   This tastes damn good.
  • Dette smaker jævlig.   This tastes horrible.

A list of Norwegian profanity words

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