Is it Hvilken? Hvilket? or Hvilke?

Hvilken or vilket

“Hvilken?”, “Hvilket?” and “Hvilke?” all mean “Which?” in Norwegian. As you can see, this question word changes slightly, depending on gender of the noun it relates to. Read the rules below and then do the exercise to learn how to use “Which?” in Norwegian.

Now it is time to practice!


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3 thoughts on “Is it Hvilken? Hvilket? or Hvilke?”

  1. You should study the genres first and sustantives for exempler:
    Et hus: neutral way: hvilket
    En bil: masculine: hvilken
    Ei bok; femenine: also hvilken

    Flertall (Plural): is Hvilke. biler, bøker, sko.
    Cars books shoes
    Hope you see this 🙂

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