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Colours in norwegian


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How to use colors in Norwegian

Remember that colors are adjectives. Here are some basic rules for using them:

  1. Add the ending -t when colors describe an indefinite neuter noun in singular: et rødt hus.
  2. Add the ending -e when colors are used with nouns in plural: hvite biler.
  3. Add the ending -e also when noun is in a definite form (even in singular): det hvite huset; de svarte bilene.

Note that blå, grå, hvit get -tt with neuter nouns: et blått hus; et hvitt hus.

Blå and grå do not change in plural: blå biler.

Colors oransje, lilla, beige, rosa do not change their form at all: et lilla hus; lilla biler.

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