Learn how to say “Hi!” and introduce yourself in Norwegian

If you want to start learning Norwegian, to greet people and introduce yourself is a must. Learn how to make your first steps in Norwegian in this post!

How to say “Hi!”

There are different ways to greet people in Norwegian. Here are the most common ones:

  • Hei! – Hi!
  • Hallo! – Hello!
  • Heisann! – Hi!
  • Hei, hei! – Hi there! (yes, you just repeat “Hi” two times)
  • God morgen! – Good morning!
  • God dag! – Good day! (we use it during the day time)
  • God kveld! – Good evening!

How to introduce yourself

Watch the video from our Norwegian course for beginners to learn how to introduce yourself and say where you are from.

To say what your name is :

  • Jeg heter … (name). – My name is …. (literally, “I am called”).
  • Hva heter du? – What is your name? (Literally, “What are you called?”).

To say where you come from you could say:

  • Jeg er fra … (your country) – I am from … .
  • Hvor er du fra? – Where are you from?

If you would like to learn more Norwegian, check out our online Norwegian learner’s pack for beginners. You will be able to communicate on the most common topics, learn the correct pronunciation and improve your vocabulary.

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