Learn T-bane Norwegian

If you started learning Norwegian in Norway, chances are that your first words were “dørene lukkes” and a bunch of other phrases that you hear daily in Oslo metro. Today we suggest you learn Norwegian with some typical phrases from Oslo T-bane! 😀

T-bane Norwegian

  • T-bane – short from “tunelbane” or “tunnel track”.
  • Dørene lukkes. – The doors are closing.
  • Dette er linje … til … – This is line … to …
  • Neste stasjon … – Next station …
  • Siste stasjon … – Last station …
  • Overgang – change (to another transport, etc.)
  • Vær oppmerksom på avstanden mellom tog og plattform. – Be careful about the distance between the train and platform. Or, how it’s shortly translated, “Please mind the gap.”

Did you start learning Norwegian with T-bane? 😀 If not, you will surely hear these phrases once you visit Oslo!

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