Learn the Norwegian alphabet

If you are wondering where you should start with Norwegian pronunciation, the answer is definitely the Norwegian alphabet. In this video lesson, you will learn how to pronounce letters of the Norwegian alphabet.

The Norwegian alphabet consists of 29 letters: 9 vowels and 20 consonants. Vowels are letters such as a, e, i, o. Consonants are letters such as f, m, n, p, k.

As you watch the video, try to repeat each letter as you hear it. Spend as much time as you need on this video because this is going to make a good base for your Norwegian pronunciation.

As you can see, the Norwegian alphabet consists of the same letters used in the English alphabet and three additional vowels: æ, ø, å. In order to type the letters å, æ and ø you will need to install or add the Norwegian keyboard on your device. Alternatively, you may copy and paste these letters when you need to use them.

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  1. Steve Peterson

    If you are using a Mac and are have a US keyboard/computer, you can create the letter å by pressing and holding the alt/option key and then the letter a.

    option + a → å
    option + shift + A → Å

    option + o → ø
    option + shift + O → Ø

    option + ‘ → æ
    option + shift + ” → Æ

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