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Learn Norwegian idioms – Part 1

When you are learning a new language, the fun part starts when you go beyond the basics and start learning weird and funny idioms and sayings. In our mother languages, we don’t even notice when we are using idioms and figures of speeches, but in another language, these things can be quite funny if we

Norwegian culture

Learn Norwegian with Påskekrim

There is a bizarre tradition in Norway at Easter time – to read crime novels, or “Påskekrim”. Before Easter all the book stores make a section for “Påskekrim” and respectable crime writers try to publish their new novels in time for the season. Why do Norwegians read Påskekrim? The tradition dates back to 1923, when


Nynorsk or Bokmål?

“Should I study Nynorsk or Bokmål?” is the question Norwegian language learners often ask, as if those were two different languages. Let us destroy some myths and make things clear about Bokmål, Nynorsk and Norwegian dialects. Myth 1: Nynorsk and Bokmål are two different languages. There are two official languages in Norway: Norwegian and Sami.

Norwegian culture

Top 15 Norwegian movies

It is best to learn the language when you’re having fun, don’t you agree? Films are a great way to learn the language and enjoy the process at the same time. Today we would like to recommend some Norwegian films you might enjoy watching in 2019. 1. «Hva vil folk si» (“What will people say”).  IMDB

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Christmas vocabulary with music!

In this lesson we are going to learn some Christmas vocabulary and find out more about some Norwegian Christmas traditions. The song we are going to listen to is called “Hey ho” by Freddy Kalas. Here is the song and the task: Do you know all the missing words? (en) peis – (a) fireplace, the fireplace

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Christmas vocabulary in Norwegian

Your ultimate guide to Christmas decorations vocabulary in Norwegian 😀 The beginning of December gives one an unofficial permission to start Christmas preparations. 😀 Of course many people start decorating houses and choose Christmas gifts right after Halloween, but many others also patiently wait until December 1st to open the first little door of their

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Learn Norwegian adverbs: ut or ute?

For many learners, it is difficult to distinguish some short adverbs that name places and directions. In English we say only “outside”, “upstairs”, but in Norwegian such adverbs have two forms: “ut” and “ute”; “opp” and “oppe”. One form you use for expressing the direction, while the other for naming a location. Let us take

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Learn colors in Norwegian

Learn the most common colors in Norwegian and practice their usage with our quizzes!   Now practice with our flashcards!   How to use colors in Norwegian Remember that colors are adjectives. Here are some basic rules for using them: Add the ending -t when colors describe an indefinite neuter noun in singular: et rødt hus.

Norwegian culture

How to have a small talk in Norwegian?

As a foreigner in Norway, one of the first things you will notice is the lack of small talks in public areas. Norwegian aren’t very chatty and are generally not used to talk to strangers without reason. Some foreigners misinterpret it as Norwegians being cold and not interested in others. In our opinion, that’s not

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Learn Norwegian with music!

In this lesson, we are going to learn Norwegian with music! We will focus on the use of most common adjectives in singular and learn some words used to describe places. The song we are going to listen to is called “Lite og Stort” and it is performed by a Norwegian band No. 4. Listen to

Norwegian Language

How to learn Norwegian fast?

In this article, we give you our best tips to learn Norwegian fast. Read the details below this infographic. Learning any language takes effort, and Norwegian is no exception. If you are dedicated to learning Norwegian fast, you will have to work hard and put intensive effort. It is possible to learn Norwegian fast if

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Personal pronouns

In this lesson, we will practice personal pronouns in Norwegian.  Personal pronouns are words that can be used in place of a noun or name. For example, you can say “han” or “ham” instead of “Ola” or “vi” instead of “broren min og jeg” (my brother and I). Try to guess the meanings of these Norwegian

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