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On this page, you will find a collection of Norwegian language resources. If you are either looking for an online Norwegian dictionary or a list of apps that can help you memorize Norwegian words, you will find a link here. We will update this list as we find more free resources. Feel free to share

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Is it Hvilken? Hvilket? or Hvilke?

“Hvilken?”, “Hvilket?” and “Hvilke?” all mean “Which?” in Norwegian. As you can see, this question word changes slightly, depending on gender of the noun it relates to. Read the rules below and then do the exercise to learn how to use “Which?” in Norwegian. Now it is time to practice!   Want to learn more?

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Learn Norwegian expression: Katta i sekken

When was the last time you got disappointed when you opened the package of something you spent a lot of money on and were waiting impatiently to arrive? A few weeks ago, I ordered a world map from eBay so I could hang it on the boring blank wall of my sitting room and daydream

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Question words in Norwegian

When you learn Norwegian or any other language, it is important to know how to ask questions. Let us see how to make questions with question words in Norwegian. Here are the question words we use in Norwegian: Hvem? – Who? Hvem er du? – Who are you? Hva? – What? Hva er det? –

Norwegian culture

How to experience nature the Norwegian way

We will not be exaggerating if we say that Norwegians are one of world’s most sporty and outdoorsy nations. In any in big cities you will see plenty of people jogging, heading to gym or biking. In winter, Oslo forests are full of skiers in the evening – it doesn’t even bother them to ski


10 tips for learning Norwegian

One of the biggest challenges, when you move to a new country, is to learn the local language. In Norway, most of the people speak excellent English, and they will eagerly switch over to it when they see that you are having difficulties with Norwegian. Although their intentions are to be kind and make the


Three free language learning tools

Learning a new language is always very exciting but challenging task. It needs a lot of dedication and passion for mastering a new language. Luckily we have a lot of online tools to help us. Everyone learns languages in a different way. Some of us like to memorize phrases and then deconstruct them while others

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