Learn T-bane Norwegian

If you started learning Norwegian in Norway, chances are that your first words were “dĂžrene lukkes” and a bunch of other phrases that you hear daily in Oslo metro. Today we suggest you learn Norwegian with some typical phrases from Oslo T-bane! 😀 T-bane Norwegian T-bane – short from “tunelbane” or “tunnel track”. DĂžrene lukkes. …

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Nynorsk or BokmÄl?

“Should I study Nynorsk or BokmĂ„l?” is the question Norwegian language learners often ask, as if those were two different languages. Let us destroy some myths and make things clear about BokmĂ„l, Nynorsk and Norwegian dialects. Myth 1: Nynorsk and BokmĂ„l are two different languages. There are two official languages in Norway: Norwegian and Sami. …

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Top 15 Norwegian movies


It is best to learn the language when you’re having fun, don’t you agree? Films are a great way to learn the language and enjoy the process at the same time. Today we would like to recommend some Norwegian films you might enjoy watching in 2019. 1. Â«Hva vil folk si» (“What will people say”).  IMDB …

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