Personal pronouns

Norwegian grammar

In this lesson, we will practice personal pronouns in Norwegian.  Personal pronouns are words that can be used in place of a noun or name. For example, you can say “han” or “ham” instead of “Ola” or “vi” instead of “broren min og jeg” (my brother and I). Try to guess the meanings of these Norwegian …

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Question words in Norwegian

Quiz 1: Fill in the blanks   Quiz 2: Drag the words to correct boxes.   Do you want to learn Norwegian online? Join us on Facebook and Instagram for free Norwegian lessons

10 tips for learning Norwegian

One of the biggest challenges, when you move to a new country, is to learn the local language. In Norway, most of the people speak excellent English, and they will eagerly switch over to it when they see that you are having difficulties with Norwegian. Although their intentions are to be kind and make the …

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