Question words in Norwegian

When you learn Norwegian or any other language, it is important to know how to ask questions. Let us see how to make questions with question words in Norwegian.

Here are the question words we use in Norwegian:

Hvem? – Who?

Hvem er du? – Who are you?

Hva? – What?

Hva er det? – What is it?

Når? – When?

Når reiser du? – When are you traveling?

Hvor? – Where?

Hvor studerer du? – Where do you study?

Hvorfor? – Why?

Hvorfor lærer du norsk? – Why are you learning Norwegian?

Hvordan? – How?

Hvordan går det? – How is it going?

Hvilken/et/e? – Which?

Hvilket hus bor du i? – Which house do you live in?

When we ask a question in Norwegian using any of question words, we have to start our question with them. So, question word comes first!


There are some tricky question words though. Let us take a closer look.

“Hvilken”, “hvilket” or “hvilke”?

You need to change the form of it depending on gender of the noun.

Use HVILKEN with masculine and feminine nouns.

Hvilken buss…? – Which buss…? (because “buss” is masculine – en buss)

Hvilken jente? – Which girl? (because “jente” is feminine – ei jente)

Use HVILKET with neuter nouns.

Hvilket tog? – Which train? (because “tog” is neuter – “et tog”)

Use HVILKE with nouns in plural (when you ask about many things).

Hvilke tekster? – Which texts? (because “tekster” is plural)


Hvor + adjective or adverb.

When we use an adjective or an adverb after “Hvor”, it means “How”.

Hvor lenge har du bodd i Norge? – How long have you lived in Norway?

Hvor ofte går du på tur? – How often do you hike?

Hvor gammel er du? – How old are you?

Hvor mye koster dette? – How much does it cost?

Try our quiz to test yourself!


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