Quick and easy winter sports vocabulary in Norwegian

As the days are getting colder and snow is falling in most parts of the country, Norwegians are getting restless to do what they were born to do – go skiing. If you weren’t aware of this, it is a well-known fact that they are born with skis on their feet (født med ski på beina), or at least that’s what they like to say. They are a very outdoorsy people, weather be damned, and that is especially true for the winter season when they can enjoy winter sports in cottages (hytter) up in the mountains. In that spirit, here is a little pocket vocabulary for you to learn Norwegian words and phrases that are appropriate for the season.

It’s all about the clothes…

As you well know by now, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. So, let’s learn the names of some essential items for your upcoming skiing trip. Remember, if it’s woollen, it’s worth packing.

  • vinterklær – winter clothes
  • (en) genser – jumper
  • (en/ei) jakke – jacket
  • (en/ei) lue – hat
  • (en) vott – gloves (with 2 fingers)
  • (en) hanske – gloves (with 5 fingers)
  • (et) skjerf – scarf
  • (et) ullundertøy – thermal, woollen underwear (usually merino wool underpants and top)
  • (en) ullsokker – woollen socks
  • (en) støvel – boot (and all the types of boots out there vinterstøvler, snøstøvler, skistøvler)

See more suggestions of the winter clothing in the flashcard below.

How about some winter activities?

Now that you know what to pack for your snow-filled trip, let’s see about expanding your Norwegian vocabulary further and introduce some key activities. This way you’ll know what to wear and what to do when you get invited to a friend’s hytte.

  • (en) ski – ski (both the equipment and the sport)
  • å stå på ski – to ski or og skiing
  • (et) langrenn – cross-country skiing
  • (en) slalåm – downhill, alpine skiing
  • å stå på skøyter – to iceskate or go iceskating
  • (et) snøbrett (also snowboard) – snowboard (both the equipment and the sport)
  • (en) kjelke – sledge
  • å ake – to slide on a sledge
  • dra kjelken opp på en bakketopp – pull the sledge up to a hilltop
  • å lage snømann – to build a snowman
  • (en) snøballkrig – snowball fight
  • snø på bakken – snow on the ground

Whether you are preparing for a trip during the winter vacation (vinterferie) or just want to be prepared for future adventures in a snow-filled wonderland, we hope that this little pocket Norwegian vocabulary will come to your aid. If you would like to learn Norwegian online, our courses will provide you with everything you need to get started. Click here to learn more.

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