The 30-day Norwegian learning challenge


In the next 30 days, we challenge you to:

Day 1. Change your phone or social media to Norwegian.

Day 2. Find a Norwegian YouTuber and watch their video.

  • Go for your interests or simply Google “most popular Norwegian YouTubers” and go ahead! You might just find your next inspiration!

Day 3. Learn one new grammar rule and write a sentence where you use this rule.

Day 4. Record 1 minute of yourself speaking Norwegian.

  • If you dare, share it with us on Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #30daysofnorwegian

Day 5. Listen to a Norwegian song.

  • You may check out our lesson here or take a look at this selection as a starting point.

Day 6. Read a joke in Norwegian.

  • We post jokes on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so take a look there, or just Google “vits på norsk”.

Day 7. Learn 5 new facts about Norway.

Day 8. Teach someone a few Norwegian words.

Day 9. Write a social media post in Norwegian.

  • Share it with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us and using the hashtag #30daysofnorwegian

Day 10. Cook a meal following the instructions in Norwegian.

  • Change your habit of reading the recipes in your language and switch to Norwegian. Even if you know how to cook your meal of choice, still look it up in Norwegian.

Day 11. Learn a tongue-twister in Norwegian.

  • If you dare, record yourself and share it with your friends or other Norwegian language learners! Try Googling “tungekrøll”.

Day 12. Listen to a podcast.

  • You may check out the podcast from Norsklærer Karense.

Day 13. Write down what you have done today in Norwegian.

Day 14. Write 10 things that make you happy in Norwegian.

Day 15. Sing a song (see our tips for Day 5).

Day 16. Create flashcards from your last lesson.

  • You may use websites like Quizlet or just make paper flashcards.

Day 17. Do some simple maths in Norwegian.

Day 18. Start following someone who posts in Norwegian on social media.

Day 19. Learn the Norwegian Birthday song. Or at least the first verse. 😉

Day 20. Chat with someone in Norwegian.

Day 21. Download an app in Norwegian.

Day 22. Plan your day in Norwegian.

Day 23. Find your favourite quote in Norwegian.

Day 24. Watch a Norwegian movie.

Day 25. Find a Norwegian Facebook group for your interests.

Day 26. Write a compliment to a Norwegian person.

Day 27. Write 3 sentences about yourself.

Day 28. Write your shopping list in Norwegian.

Day 29. Find a place you would like to visit in Norway and read about it.

Day 30. Read a piece of news from Norway.

  • Check out the website klartale.no for news in simplified Norwegian.

If you feel that you can do more, try our online courses as well! Let’s improve Norwegian together! 🙂

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