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Learning a new language is always very exciting but challenging task. It needs a lot of dedication and passion for mastering a new language. Luckily we have a lot of online tools to help us. Everyone learns languages in a different way. Some of us like to memorize phrases and then deconstruct them while others prefer a more traditional way of learning. Some of us prefer regular exercises and tests and others like quizzes and games that keep them motivated. We have reviewed several language learning tools and have chosen the most useful ones. Below you can read about the top three apps that can help you learn your new language in an engaging way.


1- Duolingo

Duolingo is probably the best well-rounded language learning system that is available 100% free. At the start, you will learn easy vocabulary and will build simple sentences. You will increase your language skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises with grammar tips along the way. Duolingo is probably the most fun app for learning languages. It works similar to a game. When you successfully finish your exercises, you will get the in-game currency called “Lingots.” Lingots can be used to get different items from Duolingo’s virtual store.

In Duolingo, users learn a language by repetition. The app encourages you to log in and do your exercises to not to break the chain of the days. The user interface and graphics of the website and the app make the whole experience very enjoyable.


2- Memrise


Memrise is a great tool for quickly building up your vocabulary. It makes language learning easier by using memory tricks, flashcards, and images. Memrise awards you points and awards as you complete different learning tasks. It also gives you an opportunity to compete with other users as you learn and complete various activities. If you sign up using Facebook, you can play and compete with your friends.  This gamification style makes it an engaging process to learn a new language.


3- Busuu

Busuu is one of the best social networks for learning languages. What sets it apart from others is its active community of language learners. Busuu, not only helps you learn the grammar and vocabulary of a language, it encourages you to listen and speak the language. You can interact with native speakers of the language you are learning and help others who are learning your mother language.

You can watch a video after each lesson and record your response to it. What makes Busuu best is the direct interaction you can have with other learners through video chat and peer-to-peer text corrections. The native speakers give you the feedback and correct your texts. Similarly, you can offer your help to those who are learning your language. Busuu doesn’t offer the Norwegian language at this time.

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