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It is best to learn the language when you’re having fun, don’t you agree? Films are a great way to learn the language and enjoy the process at the same time. Today we would like to recommend some Norwegian films you might enjoy watching in 2019.

1. «Hva vil folk si» (“What will people say”).

 IMDB 7.6 – drama.

This film was selected for Oscar nomination from Norway in 2018. Nisha, a sixteen year-old girl, lives a double life of the perfect Pakistani daughter at home and a regular Norwegian teenager with her friends.

2. «Hodejegerne» (“Head hunters”)

 IMDB 7.5 – crime, drama.

The film is based on a novel by Jo Nesbø. Roger, an accomplished headhunter, who lives a double life as an art thief, risks everything to obtain a valuable painting. This attempt gets him into a lot of trouble.

3. «Max Manus: Man of War».

IMDB 7.3 – biography.

Based on real-life events, “Max Manus” tells the story of Norway’s greatest Second World War hero.

4. «Kon-Tiki».

 IMDB 7.2 – adventure, history.

The film is based on the epic raft journey of a Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdal in the Pacific in 1947.

5. «Bølgen» (The Wave).

 IMDB 6.7 – action, drama.

A disaster film set in the famous Geiranger fjord. When a mountain over the fjord collapses, no one is ready for an 80-meter high wave that wipes everything on its way.

6. «Elling».

 IMDB 7.6 – comedy.

When his mother, who has sheltered him his entire 40 years, dies, Elling needs to face the world on his own. Through unexpected friendships he manages not only to survive, but strive in the society. This film was an Oscar nominee of 2001.

7. «Thelma».

IMDB 7.0 – horror, drama.

When a confused religious girl tries to deny her feelings for her female friend who’s in love with her, this causes her suppressed powers to reemerge with devastating results.

8. «Oslo, 31.august».

 IMDB 7.7 – drama.

Thirty-four-year-old Anders, a young recovering drug addict, is allowed to leave his treatment center to interview for a job.  Instead, he uses the opportunity as a way to drift around and revisit old friends.

9. «Trolljegeren» (“Trollhunter”).

 IMDB 7.0 – fantasy, horror, drama.

While investigating a serious of mysterious bear killings, a group of students meets a strange hunter who is actually a troll hunter. They are soon to learn that there are more dangerous creatures out there than bears.

10. «Den brysomme mannen».

 IMDB 7.4 – comedy, drama.

Forty-year-old Andreas arrives in a strange city. He is presented with a job, an apartment – even a wife. But before long, Andreas notices that something is wrong…

11. «De usynlige» (“Troubled water”).

 IMDB 7.6 – drama, music.

A man convicted in his teens for killing a child is released on parole. He struggles to build a new life, but his past is uncovered.

12. «Jørgen+anne=sant».

 IMDB 6.9 – family, mystery.

Anne, 10 years old, falls in love with the new boy in class, Jørgen. Jørgen is moving into the mysterious and scary Bandit House. A house none of the kids dare to come close. But Anne is willing to go further than most to prove herself. What would she do in the name of love?

13. «Skjelvet» (“The Quake”).

IMDB 6.3 – action, drama.

Another disaster film set in Norway’s capital, Oslo. When an earthquake hits the city, what will one do to survive?

14. «Den 12. mann».

 IMDB 7.4 – history, drama, thriller.

The film tells the dramatic story of Jan Baalsrud’s escape from the Nazis during WWII. There were 12 of them, but only he survived to tell the story…

15. «Salmer fra kjøkkenet» (“Kitchen Stories).

 IMDB 7.3 – comedy, drama.

Swedish efficiency researchers come to Norway to study Norwegian men, in an effort to help optimize their use of kitchens. An observer’s job becomes complicated, as the two lonely men, observer and observed, slowly overcome the initial Norwegian-Swede and subject-observer distrust and become friends.

Have you seen any of these movies? Which one did you like most? Do share any other Norwegian films you’ve enjoyed in the comments! ?

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